Auto Transmission Repair Basics

At AccuTran Transmission, we believe an educated customer is a satisfied customer.  Bearing this in mind, we have put together the following basic information points to consider when looking for the right auto transmission specialists.

This information may help avoid:

  • Choosing the wrong auto repairmen, unnecessary expenses and prolonged periods without one’s transportation, possibly up to days or weeks.
  • Choose a center with state-of-the-art transmission technology.  Not the same as regular oil changes, this work needs specially trained technicians with proper equipment.
  • The most important part of an automatic transmission is the transmission fluid.  This is relatively simple to maintain with a transmission fluid and filter change; however, not doing so is one of the most common causes of transmission breakdown.  Not maintaining adequate levels of this fluid may cause more expensive transmission problems to develop in the future.
  • The gears’ main function is to change gears for the driver and seldom need repair.  However, worn or damaged gears may appear with time and may cause transmission problems in the future.

One sure way to protect the gears from wear and tear is to regularly change the car’s automatic transmission fluid filter. This easy step will help keep the transmission fluid clear and definitely avoid more serious trouble at a later time.

  • The bell housing in a car seldom needs repair unless damaged in an auto accident.   It’s sole purpose is to serve as a casing for the transmission.

Transmission Servicing
Generally, this depends on what one’s manufacturer’s manual recommends.  Otherwise, a good rule of thumb would be to service every 30,000 miles.

Finding A Reputable Shop/Repairman
Word of mouth is generally the method of choice; however, checking for any complaints lodged against a shop and certification verifications will help make a wise choice in one’s selection.

Need Seattle automatic transmission repair? Look to AccuTran Transmission for your transmission repair needs. We have intimate knowledge of specific transmission needs and are here to ensure that your service or repair is a smooth process.

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