Changing and Flushing Fluid at a Seatac Transmission Service

Do you wish to ensure your transmission always works properly? A common refrain among those working at a Seatac transmission service would be most transmission problems could have been avoided with proper preventive maintenance.

The most basic preventive maintenance that can be performed would be to change the transmission fluid ever 30,000 miles. Now, a lot of drivers go a long time without ever changing the transmission fluid in a car. Frequently, this is what leads to eventual problems with the transmission.

Some might feel it is a little too expensive to change the transmission fluid at regular intervals. There is an option to those on a budget. A Seatac transmission service can perform a flush. This should be done at the aforementioned intervals of 30,000 miles.

What happens if your car reaches the 100,000 mile range and the transmission fluid has not be changed? It would not be wise to have a flush performed. A proper fluid change must be done by experts. These experts will drop the pan and empty out all the old transmission fluid and replace it.

Cars with high mileage do definitely need to be taken to a Seatac transmission service known for its high quality. Only experts should try and change the fluid at such a late stage.