DIY Transmission Upkeep

Keeping the transmission on your car in good running condition is essential when it comes to having an automobile that will last for many years to come. Making sure that you have your transmission serviced by a professional on a regular basis will help alert you of any issues that may be present with your car and also help to prevent any serious problems from happening in the future. While it is recommended to always take your car to a professional for transmission service and repair, there are some things that you can do on your own to ensure that your car’s transmission is in excellent working order at all times.

Burien Transmission Repair and Upkeep Information

Keep an eye on the amount of transmission fluid that is currently in your car. Making sure that you have the correct amount of fluid will help to keep your car running smoothly and keep all of the necessary parts properly lubricated. If you notice that the level of transmission fluid is not where it should be, it is possible that you may have a small leak in your system and you should have this checked out as soon as possible before any further damage can occur.

When you have your transmission serviced by a professional, they will remove and examine the pan or sump and change the filter or screen. They will also pump out all of your old transmission fluid and replace it in order to help cut down on corrosion. Flushing away the old fluid will also help to remove any dirt, debris or tiny particles such as metal shavings that may end up inside the transmission over time. If not cleaned out regularly, these small particles can clog the passages and get in between moving parts, not allowing them to move as freely as they should. Having your transmission flushed will help you to avoid a costly repair job in the future.