Get your transmission serviced and repaired

If a car owner feels that their car has a transmission issue, they shouldn’t hesitate to come into Burien Transmission Repair of Washington State. Even if they don’t think they have a problem with the transmission they should come in for a check-up every 24,000 miles or so. Though it’s hoped that nothing’s wrong with the transmission and the car owner won’t have to worry about it for a while, Burien’s experienced mechanics are always prepared to treat a transmission that’s sick.

If the transmission needs servicing they’ll change the transmission fluid, adjust the bands and replace the transmission filter. They’ll replace the gasket around the pan and change the oil.

If the transmission’s found to be leaking or needs to be completely overhauled, they will also do that. They’ll replace all seals, bands, bushings and clutches that are seen to be worn out or defective. Burien provides service that is not only expert but reliable and trustworthy. They understand that there are repair shops who will diagnose a major transmission problem when there isn’t one, just to get more money. Burien Transmission Repair will never do such a thing. They will drive the car first, listen to it and ask the customer about the car’s history and its symptoms. The car may or may not need a new transmission and Burien certainly won’t take offense if the car owner gets appraisals from more than one repair shop. It only tells them they have a smart potential customer who will ultimately choose Burien Transmission Repair.

When work on the transmission is underway Burien will keep the car owner posted about what they find. Then, they’ll draw up an the estimate and have the customer sign it before the transmission is taken out and taken apart. Burien will even save the old parts they replace so the customer can see that they’ve been replaced

Burien Transmission Repair is the one shop to go to for honest and professional service when it comes to transmissions.

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