How To Know When You Need Transmission Service

Transmission problems can occur at any time and when they happen, you need the services of a good mechanic. The transmission is a complex component on a vehicle, and manufacturers take the time to engineer them to be more reliable and efficient. But vacuum leaks, lack of maintenance, or overheating can cause a vehicle’s transmission unit to fail. If your transmission is slipping or you feel it not shifting correctly, there may be an issue with a vacuum leak if the transmission is automatic or the clutch if your car has a manual transmission. When this happens, you need to contact a reputable repair shop, such as Seattle transmission repair, for help.

It is a good idea to examine your driveway regularly, especially after driving the car, to see if there is any leak. If you see red fluid on the driveway where your car is packed, it’s an indication that your transmission system might need to be resealed. You’ll need to jack up the car and find out where the oil is leaking from. In some cases, the old seal may need to be removed, the area cleaned and a new seal applied without removing the transmission. If it is the seal that is attached to the engine, the transmission will have to be removed, which is a more difficult task, but it can be handled properly by Seattle transmission repair or other skilled mechanics.

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