How to recognize Signs of Transmission Trouble

Transmission problems can occur at any time, and these can take several forms. These symptoms may have a number of possible causes, and some require extensive service while others need only a minor repair. A systematic checkup by a trained auto mechanic like Seattle transmission repair is the best way to determine the cause of the transmission problems and decide on the most effective solution.

If your gear shift won’t move or clutch pedal is spongy, there are several components to check. It may be caused by damaged or worn parts inside the vehicle’s transmission. A certified auto mechanic can inspect the area, to see the condition of the clutch linkage and the cable. Also a mechanic shop, such as Seattle transmission repair, will be able to check the hydraulic circuit to determine if there is fluid leaking in that area.

Other signs that may indicate a transmission problem include car won’t move, engine light on, slipping, or unusual noises like clicking, whistling, clanking, knocking, buzzing, screeching or grating noises. Strange sounds can come from rear of vehicle or hood and may include a low whine. You’ll need to to take your car to a good Seattle transmission repair mechanic. A reputable auto mechanic with technical expertise will assure that your transmission will be repaired, replaced, or serviced properly.

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