Important Information About Transmission Repairs

Because of the complexity of today’s transmissions, it is important to have them periodically checked. Transmission specialists can determine if there is a problem and fix it promptly.

Common problems may involve a single component or many parts. For example, when there are low fluid levels or leaks it can indicate problems with the fluid line, transmission pan gaskets, transmission bolt, or seals. If gears are not changing smoothly it can indicate a solenoid problem. Other parts that may need attention are the torque converter, the internal clutch, and the transmission fluid filter.

Many problems can interfere with the transmission power system. Sometimes all that is needed is transmission service, but other times repairs or a complete overhaul may be required. With the many parts that go into a transmission, it is important that regular checkups be scheduled. Burien transmission repair has skilled employees that are trained in all aspects of motor functions and parts.

Some people have the ability to make repairs themselves. They can find discounted transmission parts online as well as instructions. For those who are not confident in doing this kind of work, keeping fluid levels correct, changing the fluid filter, and other minor maintenance can be performed. It is always important to be aware of any unusual sounds and have them checked by someone immediately, such as a Burien transmission repair shop.