Maintaining a Reliable Transmission

To keep any vehicle in good working order that ensures safe driving, a reliable Seattle transmission repair service can help. There are some key things that any driver should know about servicing a transmision to help this vital piece of automotive equipment last for the lifetime of the vehicle.

There are several parts of a transmission that may be in need from time to time of the services of a quality Seattle transmission repair shop. The tranmission shifts the car from gear to gear as the driver accelerate or decelerates and can only do this properly using the correct amount of transmission fluid and a clean transmission filter. Most fluids and filters should be changed at least once very 25,000 miles of travel.Low fluid levels can cause poor shifting, so this level should be checked at least twice a year. This fluid is usually red so it is easier to spot any leaks that occur requiring repair. Check for a clogged filter first prior to letting any repair service suggest rebuilding or replacing a transmission system which can become quite expensive.

If replacing the filter or the fluid doesn’t fix a transmission problem, a reliable Seattle transmission repair service can take the unit apart to rebuild it good as new. Only deal with a service that offers a warranty on the transmission rebuild. Because most transmission repair jobs require special expertise or specific equipment, it’s smart to invest in the services of a professional transmission repair service to handle the project. Be sure that the transmission repair service you select does the work in-house rather than sub-contract the job to inferior vendors. Insist on dealing with repair shops that have a reputation for providing accurate estimates rather than low-balling the initial quote and then charging double that price once the transmission has been rebuilt. A professional transmission repair service can be your car’s best friend and with regular servicing and maintenance, most vehicles never need to have the transmission rebuilt or replaced.