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We have all heard at one time or another car transmission horror stories. On the other hand, perhaps, you have created that fateful scenario of driving home late one night when you hear a grinding in your car’s gears, or worse, the car comes to a sluggish stop when your gears are clearly in drive. After a little inspecting, you notice a red puddle forming under your car, irritated you finally realize it’s your transmission. Issues with a transmission has become one of the most frightening aspects of car ownership, and for good reason, a failed transmission can be expensive.

Yet, many car owners aren’t aware that an ongoing problem can be avoided, simply by periodically having your car’s transmission checked. Anyone who’s had issues with transmissions will tell you the one major problem with transmissions is the diagnosis. Transmission problems can range from the transmission itself, leaks, and torque converters to solenoid or even clutches. The reality is that the majority of car owners do not have the resources or the knowledge to diagnose a transmission problem. That is why it is necessary to find highly skilled mechanics and a reputable car repair and maintenance service such as www.accutransmissions.com.

Accutransmissions has been providing excellent service for years to customers from Kent, Renton, Burien, and surrounding areas for all of their transmission needs. They offer complete transmission repair but also stress the importance of preventive service, so before customers need a transmission overhaul, service technicians can diagnose and fix an issue before it even escalates.

If your car’s transmission fails as eventually, they all break down, AccuTran has the best service technicians to replace your transmission, and do the job right the first time. www.acutransmission.com takes away the stress by offering the best service for all of your transmission needs.

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