Prevent Major Transmission Breakdowns With Routine Transmission Maintenance

Believe it or not, simple transmission maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in expensive repairs down the road. The typical cost of getting a rebuilt transmission is around $3500, with replacement costs for a new transmission averaging around $7000. With these kinds of costs, you can’t afford to continue driving your car without having a transmission specialist perform routine maintenance.

Performing routine maintenance on your vehicle’s transmission is less expensive than you might think. A transmission specialist can perform routine maintenance services like a transmission fluid flush and refill, replacing your transmission filters and screens, and making sure your transmission coolant line are working properly.

Don’t wait to have your transmission serviced when a problem has already occurred. It may be too late by then, and you’ll end up spending more money than you needed to. A Seattle transmission repair shop has certified transmission specialists qualified to work on any type of vehicle transmission.

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