Preventable Transmission Issues

Keeping your vehicle properly maintained can improve fuel economy, decrease unnecessary wear and tear and can prevent the onset of significant and preventable large-scale problems. Accu Tran Transmissions, conveniently located in Des Moines, is committed to helping you keep your maintenance and repair costs low. We offer high-quality transmission repair and replacement but quite honestly, we’d rather help you avoid the inconvenience and costs that are often avoidable.

Accu Tran provides service for all import and domestic vehicles, including trucks and 4-wheel drive vehicles. We have the tools to diagnose any problems but we are also adept at diagnosing problems caused by inadequate maintenance. Whether it’s tires, oil changes, or transmission maintenance, we can help you identify what needs to be changed, cleaned or replaced and save money on repairs. We also don’t pressure you to spend your hard earned money when you don’t need to. We provide free estimates for all services and you are welcome to compare our prices for comparable quality service in the Des Moines area. If your looking for Des Moines transmission repair AccuTran has been servicing our local family of clients for over 40 years.

We’ll also remind you when your vehicle needs regular servicing that can also save you a significant amount of money in the long run. Did you know that when your tires are properly inflated can improve your gas mileage by nearly 4 percent? Many people are not familiar with the proper amount of tire pressure to use and how it can vary with changes in temperature and altitude. We can check all your tires and inflate them to proper pressure, according to the specifications for your vehicle. We’re nearby in Des Moines and we pride ourselves on quick but thorough servicing with a friendly touch. We realize you live a hectic life and don’t always remember to maintain your vehicle, so we’re happy to take that task off your hands.

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