Proper Maintenance of Transmission Fluid is Key to Proper Engine Care

Car maintenance is important for the long life of the car and for limiting repair costs. Taking care of your transmission is a key towards preventing long term engine problems. The longer you wait to check on the current health of your engine, the greater the chances your engine will cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. Checking and maintaining proper transmission fluid is critical for the long term care of your engine.

Transmission upkeep may sound intimidating for the average automobile owner but there are several simple steps one can take to limit transmission damage by maintaining proper transmission fluid. These simple steps take very little time and will help prevent unwanted transmission damage.

The transmission fluid should be flushed every 15,000 to 20,000 miles. If you do not drive your car that often then flush the transmission fluid every two years. You can change it yourself but you do need to be very careful. It is easy to drain the transmission of transmission fluid, but if you do not flush the system then you could be leaving a lot of used fluid in your system. A qualified auto mechanic will have the proper equipment to flush the system of fluid but there are inexpensive ways to flush the transmission at home.

You should check the transmission fluid regularly. The fluid should be red. If the transmission fluid is some other color then the fluid needs to be flushed and replaced. Next you should check your transmission fluid level. A low level of transmission fluid could indicate that there is a leak that needs to be repaired. If the fluid level is low then critical engine parts will not get the proper amount of lubrication. A simple pan replacement could solve the problem and eliminate future damage.


  1. Well I think you are absolutely right that proper maintenance of transmission fluid is the key of engine care. I believe changing transmission fluid is essential for car longevity. Thanks for sharing this useful info with us.

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