Proper Transmission Care

Proper care and maintenance of your transmission is an absolute must if you expect your automobile to be reliable. Most people concentrate specifically on keeping the automobile’s engine in top shape, without giving the transmission second thought, but the reality is that if your transmission goes bad, the vehicle will go nowhere, regardless of the condition of the engine. Following a few simple tips as shown below can keep your transmission in great shape, but if you find that you are unable to properly perform the maintenance necessary, Renton Transmission Repair can take care of the job for you at reasonable prices.

<li>• Check the level of your transmission fluid regularly. The exact procedure will vary depending on the make of your vehicle, so check the owner’s manual. If you notice that you have to add fluid regularly, take the vehicle to Renton Transmission Repair to have the leak fixed.</li>
<li>• Flush and fill the transmission; Change the transmission filter. Opinions vary from one expert to the next on this, but you should do it at least annually to make sure the transmission is not full of foreign particles that can damage it. If you do not feel comfortable with taking the pan off the transmission, Renton Transmission Repair can do it for you at a reasonable cost.</li>

Pay attention when you put your car into gear, or you are changing from forward to reverse, etc. If you put your car into gear and it does not instantly go into that gear, or it seems to hesitate, you need to get it in for service right away. This can be an indication that the transmission is slipping. When issues like this crop up, the problem only gets worse, and as it worsens, the more expensive the repairs will be.

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