Seattle manual transmission maintenance is necessary once a year

The purpose of the transmission is to send energy from the engine to the wheels. You feel the power as you shift from low to second to high. You also notice the change of direction when you shift into reverse. Obviously if the transmission isn’t working properly, your automobile is useless.  That’s why regular service and maintenance checks are essential.

There are many moving components in the transmission of your car.  Over time bolts may become loose, dirty fluid cause wear and damage, fluid may leak so that gears won’t shift, and any of these mean expensive repair bills.

Therefore, you should always be aware that your shifting lever is moving smoothly and freely. Have it checked at the first sign of hanging or roughness in shifting.

It is almost impossible for the average driver to check the manual transmission fluid level. Therefore, you should ask your mechanic to check the fluid every time you have your oil changed.   You should also have a professional mechanic or transmission specialist to check your entire transmission system at least once a year or every 12,000 miles.

It is extremely important to check the transmission fluid regularly.  If there is a slow leak, you will not know that anything is wrong  until you cannot shift gears.  At that point some internal damage may have occurred to your transmission system.

And finally, you should check the manufacturer’s manual to know when to change the transmission fluid.  Most manufacturers recommend that the fluid be changed between 30,000 and 60,000 miles.  Heavy duty usage may require changing at 15,000 miles. Since the fluid must be flushed for a complete cleansing, you should have a professional serviceman do the work.

Observing these tips will increase your automobile’s life.


  1. This was really an interesting article. It has been seen that transmission problems can result from leakage or from damage to the torque converter, solenoid or the transmissions internal clutch. So I really think that manual transmission maintenance is very necessary once in a year.

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