Seattle Transmission Repairs: Choose Wisely

It would simply astound people to know how relatively easy and inexpensive it is to service their car’s transmission before a much more serious problem occurs.

Seatac Transmission Repair Center has put together the brief overview below to help inform car owners as to what to look for in warning signs of a possible future or presently occurring transmission breakdown. In addition, we have listed the three most common preventive measures car owners can easily take to ensure their car’s best performance.

Common Sounds/Signs of Impending Transmission Problems

  • A loud or semi-loud heavy-knocking noise is a sure sign that there is trouble.
  • A grinding when in the process of shifting gears in another indicator.
  • A harsh or rough shift when shifting gears is a sure give-away of trouble
  • A dirty/black transmission fluid is another sign; however, this does not necessarily warrant immediate attention.

Most Common Signs of A Failing or Failed Transmission

If an auto engine is able to speed up without the car keeping pace with the engine speed, then this is a sign of “slippage.” Moreover, a delay or total miss if shifting gears is another definite sign of transmission breakdown.

The Most Important Preventative Measures

Basically, there are three very simple and inexpensive things one can do to prevent a transmission crash. Moreover, a failure to do preventive maintenance is the number one reason for more serious later developing problems. Alright, so in a nutshell, what does a car owner need to do to prevent a possible future transmission breakdown?

Firstly, a regularly scheduled transmission oil change is critical. Secondly, a change of the transmission fluid filter is essential. Thirdly, be certain to keep fluid levels clear and adequately filled. And, there you have it!

How Often?

Generally, auto manufacturing manuals set the standard according to the manufacturer’s specifications and transmission type. While automatic transmissions have the market’s share, so to speak, there are many other kinds of transmissions such as semi-automatic and manual. However, the recommended consensus for servicing is every 20,000 – 40,000 miles.

Seatac Transmission Repair Center, expert transmission specialists, are happy to help you. Now readily servicing the greater Seattle, WA and surrounding areas.