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Common Transmission Problems

Transmission problems can result from leakage or from damage to the torque converter, solenoid or the transmissions internal clutch. Mechanical problems in other parts of the drive train can also lead to transmission problems. Listed below are some of the 5 most common transmission problems to help you better understand what you may be causing issues with your transmission.

Low Fluid Level or Leaks
Check and refill your transmission fluid regularly. Make sure that all parts, caps and hoses are fastened tightly. One common cause for transmission leaksĀ are punctured fluid lines as well as weathered transmission pan gaskets, or simply poorly secured bolts and seals on the transmission pan.

Torque Converter
The torque converter can sustain wear and tear or possibly damage to its needle bearings, resultingĀ in an odd grinding sound when the car is in gear. Inspect the torque converter while the transmission fluid is being changed.

The solenoid manages the transmission fluid flow rate. Check it if there are no evident leaks, but the transmission is not changing gears smoothly.

The clutch (inside the torque converter) can jam, and gears will be sluggish when shifting. The car will also shake and the engine temperature may rise. Service is needed immediately.

Other Drive Train Problems
A defective universal joint, signalled by a horrid squeaking sound when you idle the car, may interfere with power reaching the drive wheels. The transmission mounts may be damaged so the gearshift no longer engages correctly.