Seattleites, Routine Transmission Service is Key

Tips for Preventing Transmission Problems. Having your vehicle’s automatic transmission routinely serviced can prevent a breakdown and costly transmission repairs when you least expect. There are tips for spotting transmission problems early.

Check the automatic transmission fluid at least every 1,000 miles. The fluid should be clean and transparent, and the color red or brown. If it looks black, dirty or has a burnt smell, it’s time for a change. Read your vehicle’s owner’s manual to find out what type of transmission fluid the automaker recommends. Don’t mix different types of transmission fluid as this can lead to overheating and potential transmission failure.

A low fluid level can be a sign that rubber seals or gaskets inside the transmission are leaking. Don’t drive the vehicle if the transmission fluid is low. If you notice leaking fluid, have a professional check the transmission right away. Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. By waiting too long to have the problem diagnosed, a minor repair can quickly escalate into a major and expensive repair job. Continuing to drive the vehicle when you know there are transmission problems can cause more damage.

Keep your vehicle’s engine properly tuned. Ignoring routine engine maintenance can reduce the lifetime of the automatic transmission. If there is a problem with the engine’s cooling system, don’t delay in having it repaired. Excessive heat from the engine can cause your transmission to fail. In fact, overheating is the cause of most transmission problems. However, a problem with the cooling system isn’t the only thing that can cause an engine to overheat.

Listen to your vehicle. Take it in for a checkup if you hear grinding, humming or other noises you are unable to identify. The gears should not make any noise when you accelerate or slow down. Generally, the engine of a vehicle that is operating properly is quiet. Should you have suspicions or simply need a routine service bring your vehicle in to our Burien transmission repair shop for a free diagnostic.

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