Service Your Transmissions Clutch Master Cylinder

We at Seattle transmission repair care about the demands and up keep of all our customer transmission needs. That’s why we place high priority on the intellectual skill of providing professional services and maintenance for all our customers. Preventative maintenance is the “Motto” here at Seattle transmission. This is crucial to the internal components of your manual or automatic transmission. Annual transmission fluid checks should be administered at the time of each oil change. While checking the fluid of an automatic transmission can be done by reading the stick insert from the transmissions tube under the hood, proper fluid checks for manual transmissions should be checked from the plug located on the side of a manual transmission. Also vehicles that have manual transmissions also have clutches and generally a clutch master cylinder reservoir. It is extremely important to properly service the clutch master cylinder as master cylinders generally use certain differential fluids such as “Dot 3” or special hydraulic fluids.

Contaminated fluids can also lead to transmission failure and premature component erosion. Many times improper up keep of your manual transmission will be the deciding factor leading to more costly repairs down the road if service and preventative maintenance measures are not administered correctly. Manual transmissions need not be running at the time of checking the fluid level as this usually requires access the fluid plug on the side of the manual transmission and being under the vehicle. Ensuring a clean area before removing the plug with a wrench is important as well. External debris can contaminate clean fluids leading to other costly component repairs. Additionally, cost efficient maintenance and proper service upkeep of your manual transmission can cost a lot less than complete transmission replacement. Also it is important to maintain proper service of the vehicles transmission clutch master cylinder. This type of maintenance allows for longer clutch life and less expensive transmission repairs in the future. Another imparative preventative measure that our Seattle manual transmission repair customers can expect from our scheduled  transmission service.

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