Some Common Transmission Problems

If you are having problems with your car’s transmission, it does not necessarily mean you will be faced with a huge repair bill when you take your car in for service. There are several common transmission problems that can be repaired easily and affordably here in Seattle, Washington, by one of the trained transmission experts at Burien transmission repair.

While you might expect your car to need a complete transmission overhaul when it shakes, overheats and loses engine power, it could just mean that you need some repairs to your clutch. This is a simple fix.

Odd and inappropriate sounds that come from your transmission, especially when the car is still in neutral, might simply mean that there is some wear on the needle bearings in the torque converter. A repair of this type is common, and it should not require a lot of work.

If your transmission has gears that occasionally slip or have difficulty becoming engaged in between shifts, you may just have a leak in the transmission seals that caused your transmission fluid level to become low.

If you are experiencing even the smallest transmission problem, it is best to have your car serviced right away. Small transmission problems quickly grow. For expert transmission troubleshooting and repair, call Burien transmission repair immediately.