The Benefits of Synthetic Transmission Fluid

Most car transmissions today are lubricated with the same type of transmission fluid that has been used for the last several decades, but drivers here in Seattle, Washington, can choose to upgrade their transmission fluid to a type that offers some features that regular transmission fluid does not.

A transmission fluid’s viscosity refers to its thickness and ability to lubricate. Regular transmission fluid tends to get too thick when it is cold and too thin when it is hot. Synthetic transmission fluid is specially formulated to maintain an even viscosity when the transmission operating temperature is low or high. This allows your transmission to resist wear and tear in all conditions and to shift smoothly.

Regular transmission fluid breaks down over time, especially when the car is driven frequently. As transmission fluid degrades, it leaves deposits of sludge and varnish in various areas throughout your transmission. Synthetic transmission fluid is engineered to last approximately three times as long as regular transmission fluid, so it will not leave as much sludge and will not need to be changed as often.

Give your transmission the extra protection it needs by replacing the old, regular transmission fluid with the superior synthetic version. Make an appointment with Tukwilla transmission repair today.