The Common Types of Transmissions of Today

The transmission is one of the most important components of an automobile. It is what harnesses and effectively applies the power from the engine to motion of the vehicle. Being knowledgeable of certain aspects of the transmission will help drivers in Seattle and all over the world better diagnose, service, and understand their vehicle. Seattle transmission repair and maintenance and the various types of transmissions is fundamental knowledge for local drivers and those all over alike.

There are quite a few different transmissions that are available in automobiles today. The basic decision of an automatic or manual is not the only choice anymore. Some examples of these include the Hydramatic 6T70, which is a automatic six speed transmission that has been around since 2002. The Tremec T56 is another six speed transmission that is popular in sports cars. A semi-automatic transmission or clutch-less manual is almost a hybrid of a traditional manual and automatic transmission. The constant mesh is one of the more common gearbox configurations on manual transmissions. The Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), Direct-Shift Gearbox, and Tiptronic are all additional types of transmissions that have become available in recent years. Knowing which type of transmission you have and effectively using it is safer, more fuel efficient, and will extend the life of the transmission and other car components.

Seattle transmission repair can be expensive, time consuming, and inconvenient if one is unaware of how to address the problem. Proper preventive maintenance and service can also help deter transmission problems from arising. Symptoms of transmission problems can include slipping, leaks, knocking/clanking sounds, jerking, or erratic shifting. The simplest preventive service to the transmission is ensuring transmission fluid is at an adequate level and having it flushed regularly. Seattle transmission repair shops are abundant in the area and more than capable to serve the needs of drivers with transmission problems.

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