The Importance of keeping your transmission maintained properly

Transportation is important to all of us.  Automobiles are usually the form of transportation that we all use to get around. Like any fine working machine an automobile has parts that must be properly maintained.  The transmission in an automobile is one of these most important parts.  The transmission is responsible for delivering the force that is supplied from the engine to the wheels.  The forces that are exerted on the transmission can be phenomenal.

A transmission should be serviced on a regular maintenance schedule set forth by your cars manufacture recommendations.  At Accutran we understand transmission maintenance and repair. We offer local area customers piece of mind through our warrantied Seattle manual transmission repair The services provided should always be administered by a reputable shop.  Don’t settle for anything less! A nonprofessional job usually means more money in the end.

A reputable shop will offer services such as the following:

  • Changing of fluids to include replacement of transmission fluid.  This is one of the most basic services offered.  The importance of this service is it extends the automobiles longevity and offers the added benefits of smoother and better performance.
  • Seal replacement such as front and main seals.  This again is a basic service that keeps your transmission from leaking fluids and malfunctioning prematurely.
  • Complete overhaul and replacement.  This is a service that will be offered by most professional shops.  The shop should always have qualified personal skilled in your type of vehicle and service needed.  The shop should be competitive and informative to why your vehicle needs such a major repair as transmission replacement.  Ask Questions!

Transmission repair can be affordable if done by a professional that has the experience and knowledge to perform the job.  The moral of the story is asking questions, expecting informative answers.  Get to know the shop you are having the service done by this will be a value when future service is needed.

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