Tips to Avoid Expensive Transmission Repairs

Transmission is the device that transmits the linear motion of the engine shaft to the drive-wheels as rotary motion. It basically reduces number of revolutions of the crankshaft considerably to an acceptable value by interlocking the gears. This is how we are able to get the most out of the engine torque and keep the speed at a desirable level.

There are at least six different kinds of transmissions based on how a transmission engages and operates.

Manual :

Also known as “Stick Shifts” or “Five Speeds.” Pressing the clutch is necessary to shift gear.

Automatic :

Gear engagements switch automatically depending on the acceleration of the engine.

CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) :

While other types of transmissions have a fixed number of step-
by-step gear changes, a CVT provides, infinite number of “no-step,” gear shifts.

Semi-Automatic :

This is “Clutchless Manual” that facilitates shifting gears without pressing the clutch.

TipTronic Gearbox :

This gives you the option of switching to Manual mode from Automatic in certain conditions where you need better control of the gears.

DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox) :

Two different manual gearboxes and clutches enclosed inside a single housing.

Transmission is one of the most complex and hence, neglected parts of a car.
Whatever be the type of transmission that you have, having a basic understanding, and regular maintenance by a specialist like Seatac Transmission Repair can save you a lot of money down the road.

Check the Transmission Fluid level and condition at regular intervals as recommended by your car manufacturer. Even too-high fluid level or inappropriate fluid type can pose serious problems.
The transmission issues can mostly be avoided by paying attention to transmission oil change and over-heating.

Overloading, frequent stopping at hot weather conditions, neglecting the transmission slip, and driving in the wrong gear could lead to expensive repairs.

When it comes to replacing the transmission fluid, you have two options; either you can just drain the fluid and replace or completely flush and fill with special equipment while the engine is still running.
Consult your trusted Transmission Repair Shop, before choosing the one against the other.

Don’t ignore the warning signs like shifting problems, leaks, or unusual noises. You should consult a transmission specialist like Seatac Transmission Repair right away.