Transmission Leaks are an Environmental Nuisance

Regular vehicle maintenance is very important because it reduces the breakdown of your vehicle and prolongs the life of your car.

For example, by regularly checking your transmission fluid and having it changed and the transmission flushed, you can prevent your transmission from clogging up which can lead to bigger problems as well as cost.  A transmission flush is when a pump is used to pull out all of the old fluid and replace it with the new fluid. No old fluid is left behind in the transmission. There are so many advantages to having a transmission flush once every 30,000 miles on your vehicle. We offer cost effective, expert Seattle clutch repair. One advantage of this is that it will allow your vehicle to function more effectively as well as last longer especially for older vehicles. Another reason to regularly have a transmission flush is to prevent wear and tear on your vehicle. Vehicles without fresh transmission fluid will be short lived and quite expensive.

It is also important to do regular transmission inspections on your car such as searching for any transmission leaks. Transmission leaks can be expensive and a nuisance. While checking for leaks, you should also check the shift cable for deterioration. The pan should be check for dents or other damages. The cooler line should be check for loose fittings, clamps and deteriorating rubber hoses.  If the transmission fluid hoses need to be replaced, it should be replaced with a hydraulic hose instead of a fuel hose. The shift cable should be check for replacement as well as all of the electric grounds which can create many problems for your vehicle if they are neglected and need to be replaced.  In conclusion, the maintenance and service of your vehicle is necessary to prevent high cost and preserves the life of your vehicle.

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