Transmission Not Working: Seattle Transmission Repair Is Ready to Help Get Your Car Moving Again.

A person’s vehicle is one of life’s necessities in today’s age. The transmission of a car is as important to the operation of the automobile as the motor.

There are several types of automobile transmissions. The oldest type of transmission is the Manual or sometimes called the Standard transmission. This type of transmission requires that the driver manually shift gears at the appropriate time, but offers less initial cost of ownership and better fuel economy.

Automatic transmissions are programmed by the manufacturer and usually the car’s computer. The car changes gears automatically as the driver drives the car. The driver do not have to decide which gear to drive the car.

The Manumatic Transmission is a transmission that is automatic but the driver has the option to manually change gears.

There are CVT (continuously variable transaxle) technologies that are used in some automatic transmissions where gears change so smoothly that the driver does not feel the change.

Then there are the Dual Clutch transmission that is similar to the Manumatic, except there are separate housing for the gears for the automatic and manual modes. This type of transmission is usually found in race cars.

With so many types of transmissions, individuals want someone who has the skills to repair the type of transmission that is in their particular automobile.

Seattle transmission repair employees are trained to work on all types of transmissions. Seattle Transmission specialist has the skills and experience to properly diagnose your transmissions problems.

Once Seattle transmission repair has repaired the transmission, it is important to keep the transmission in top shape. At every oil change have the transmission fluid checked. Change the transmission fluid at the manufacturer suggested intervals.