Transmissions, They are Complicated

Due to advances in technology, car transmissions have evolved to a level of incredible sophistication to meet the needs of all. Whether you seek to purchase a vehicle with enough power to safely navigate the mountains or a pleasure cruiser to drive along the coast, these transmissions will get you to your destination with great ease.

Manual Transmission

The manual transmission was the first transmission. Most people today cannot drive a vehicle with a manual transmission. These types of transmissions will have a clutch used to change gears. This requires a skill that is developed over time. The accessibility of easier transmissions has decreased the production of these transmissions, however they are often standard in almost all other countries.

Automatic Transmission

A fully automatic transmission eliminates the need for a clutch that requires engagement and disengagement by the driver. Most American car owners prefer the more convenient torque converter of the automatic transmission even though these vehicles are more expensive than a vehicle with a manual transmission.

Semi-automatic Transmission

The semi-automatic transmission combines the best features of both the manual and automatic transmissions. These cars are significantly more expensive and typically only available in certain sports cars and luxury models.

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

The CVT is used in smaller machines such as scooters. The efficiency of this transmission is far superior to any other.

Maintenance Tips

Servicing your transmission is essential to the longevity of its lifespan. Take it to a professional such as Burien Transmission Repair every 25,000 miles or so to ensure your car is driving at its optimal performance level and to ensure your safety at all times.

A number of transmissions exist to suit the needs of everyone. Whichever transmission you prefer, maintaining it is of the utmost importance.