Understand Your Transmissions Symptoms

Transmissions are built to perform without flaw for several years. Despite numerous moving parts functioning together; the unit should be trouble-free for at least 100,000 miles. Potentially, you’ll be able to double its life with proper maintenance.

Usually, a transmission doesn’t fail without giving you warning-signs in advance. If you continue to ignore the warnings without giving due attention, you’ll end up with expensive repairs. By addressing the issues right away, you can avoid disastrous transmission failure down the road. Someone like Seatac Transmission Service can help you with this.

Check-Engine Light – Don’t Just Check Your Engine; It Could Be Your Transmission!

Just obey and check with the Code-Reader. There are Auto-Parts stores offering free Error-Code reading. Alternatively, you can ask your mechanic to scan it for you. Also, you yourself can buy a scanner for less than $50.

Fluid Leaks on Driveway or Parking Spot

As we mentioned earlier; the transmission has several moving parts.To lubricate those parts and to dissipate heat; continuous flow of fluid is necessary. This demands for number of hoses, seals and gaskets which are prone to depreciate over time. If you notice any reddish or pinkish fluid leak; let a qualified specialist like Seatac Transmission Service take care of it without delay, before it gets worse.

Do You Hear Whining Noise?

The noise indicates that the transmission is under stress. It could be because it’s low on fluid, failed fluid pump or damaged transmission components.You better get into gear and take the car to a transmission service specialist like Seatac Transmission Service.

Grinding Noise or Shaking

If it’s a manual transmission, it could be because of a worn clutch or the collars stuck between the gears. In case of automatic transmissions, it’s less likely to grind.It’ll shake when it tries to engage in a right gear. In this situation, let a qualified specialist like Seatac Transmission Service address it.

Shifting With Hesitation

This happens when it has an issue that affects the transmission’s ability to engage in the right gear. If not taken care of, the problem will get worse.

You Smell the Burning

Possibly, the transmission is overheating. It indicates either transmission or engine oil dripping onto the exhaust that is hot. In any case, just don’t push your luck.

Slipping Transmission

When the transmission slips; the wheels won’t get the full power. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Only a transmission specialist can identify, which one of the transmission components is malfunctioning.

If you notice any of these symptoms; please don’t wait with a hope that those will go away on their own, because they won’t. Pay attention and take appropriate steps to resolve the problem before it gets worse.