Ways to avoid a costly transmission repair job

It is advisable you conduct transmission maintenance with respect to the smooth operation of your vehicle and to avoid a costly transmission repair job. There are a number of services available in order to keep your transmission up to par.

If you have not in the past made it a practice to perform transmission maintenance; a inspection can reveal any primary troubles: this type of inspection is referred to as a “lift inspection.” A “lift inspection” is generally advised after every thirty-thousand miles of driving a vehicle or every two years—whichever occurs first. A general inspection can also be effected; along with replacement of filters; gaskets and fluids. Minor problems can be performed when conducting a general inspection. If your transmission fluid is emitting a bad odor; or there is an excess amount of grime in it: you may need a full flush of the transmission along with replacement of filters, gaskets and fluids. However, that said, if you already have participated along the way in maintaining your transmission, then all that is probably required is a draining of the old transmission fluid; and the subsequent replacement of it.

Replacing a Pan Gasket

A first step in timely transmission maintenance in order to avoid transmission repair is to replace the pan gasket. The gasket is located around the transmission pan’s lip. The gasket gets worn over time; and can lead to transmission fluid leakage. The loss of liquid may cause your vehicle to improperly shift which can lead to other mechanical defects. A gasket is not too expensive.

Cleaning dirt and sludge off of your transmission’s parts

A fluid buildup; and dirt or grime can cause transmission repair problems. As part of scheduled transmission maintenance: it is suggested you have any sludge cleaned up. The parts of the transmission are wiped of any sludge or dirt which has collected. The cleanup is inclusive of: the transmission’s pan, gasket, case and fluid. The transmission fluid may have inadvertently dripped onto the exhaust system while the cleanup took place.

Replace the transmission’s filter

Usually during a transmission inspection it is necessary to replace the seal and filter of the transmission. A dirty filter can cause a great deal of unnecessary stress on your automobile’s transmission. In order to avoid transmission repairs it is imperative you replace the filter regularly. Many car owners completely overlook this very critical detail. The replacement of the transmission filter is not costly and is easy enough to perform. You can replace the car’s transmission filter once the transmission’s pan has been removed.

Transmission Fluid must be returned to recommended levels

During the processes of replacing old filters and gaskets, your car’s transmission fluid is drained. The volumes of transmission fluid must be returned to the manufacturer’s specified levels. You replace transmission fluid by way of the dipstick area positioned in close proximity to the car’s engine. The fluids are replaced after all the car’s components have been replaced; and the transmission is placed securely within the automobile. Follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer when selecting the car’s transmission fluid.

However, if you find the transmission requires repair, Renton transmission repair provides a favorable means which to get the job done.